If you are preparing for the travel, you should watch this video to learn packing hacks that will ease your life! Everybody knows that packing problems are the worst! But we know how to easily prepare for the dream vacation. Girls usually have a lot of beauty products like shampoo, conditioner, skincare products. You will find brilliant ways to pack a ton of beauty products in a small cosmetic bag. Besides, we know a brilliant way to pack all the beauty products using such a simple item as disposable gloves. Moreover, you can use a balloon for compact packing of toothpaste.
Find a lot of ideas on how to turn food scraps into something cool. You will be surprised but you can use banana peels to polish leather shoes. Polishing shoes with a banana are simple to do and will leave you smelling delicious. Check out a surprising way to reuse eggshells. Boil apple peels to make perfect homemade jam for breakfast. Mix ground coffee with coconut oil and use this mixture to scrub your face.
One more collection of ideas is dedicated to the ways to reuse shampoo bottles. I bet you haven’t known how many useful crafts you can make from them. Fist idea is really cool! You can make a handy holder for utensils from recycled shampoo plastic bottles. Check out a cool and cheap storage idea for the bathroom. Use a shampoo bottle and a candle to make a DIY sink saddle caddy for sponges. Another cool idea is to make an organizer for stationery from shampoo bottles and a picture frame.