Check out a collection of summer problems everybody can relate to! You totally should this video till the end as it is full of helpful summer tips that will help you spend hot days with comfort. Do you love to wear dresses? If yes you have faced at least once with a problem when the wind blows up your skirt in a very inappropriate moment. Fail! Ice-cream melts too fast when it’s hot outside. And what about sunburns? I cover all my body with sunscreen every day and still sunburn is here! Ugh! If you have black leather seats in your car it’s a real challenge to sit in your car during hot days. One more annoying summer problem is when setting the temperature in office mat lead to a fight. When Mary is cold, John is hot and only one person out of ten is perfectly content with the temperature. Every summer, literally every summer girls face the biggest problem - makeup melts up and you look sweaty and glowy when you stay outside. Panic!
Check out a collection of lifehacks that will help you to survive during hot summer days. Have you ever noticed that when it’s very hot your skin sometimes sticks to the chair and it’s hard or even painfully to get up? You can solve this problem by using a spray deodorant. Check out how to use a plastic bottle and a fan to cool down your room. You can use a coffee filter to blot your skin and get rid of sweat. We choose coffee filters as they have high absorbing properties. Use tomato slices to cure sunburn! Tomatoes have a healing effect that speeds up skin regeneration. We know a genius trick how to cool down your room during hot days using a fan and a bowl filled with ice cubes. Place a bowl with ice cubes in the location where a fan blows across it.